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Are you wasting a ton of time & money making videos? 

  • Your videos don't match the quality of your brand & business
  • You're losing business because of your videos
  • You have no idea how to connect through the camera
  • You do countless takes that result in content you can't use
  • You're completely overwhelmed with the video process and tech
  • You don't want to spend $1000's on making limited high quality videos
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Chrissy Ball has used her 18 years of Hollywood experience in front of the camera to help hundreds of real estate agents, coaches, & entrepreneurs get over their fear and obstacles of making video content by using her Conquer The Camera™ framework she created from all of her on set experiences to help business owners generate more revenue and media impact on camera. Now, she's ready to help you! 


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Start learning proven, on camera Hollywood techniques and make professional connection through the lens. 


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